About Us

The WorldWide Ministry Church of Christ.org, is not an accredited college, university or educational institutions. It does not offer college or university credits; that are transferable to any educational institution, which offers such accreditation, through a State or National accrediting body.

The WWMCOC.org, does not seek State or National accreditations; so as, to retain its “soundness in the faith,” and in the training of faithful men who desire to preach and teach the “gospel of Christ,” 2 Timothy 2:2.

The WWMCOC.org is a religious institution, that is licensed to operate as a Church Ministry; and Disaster Management Assistance and Consulting organization, by the great State of Alabama.

It is register to do business within the U.S. government, SAM.gov; as Freeman, Ronald; dba, WORLDWIDE MINISTRY CHURCH OF CHRIST.ORG; DUNS Number: 080478713; CAGE Code: 83KK1; NAICS Code: 611519; Other Technical and Trade Schools, as an Organization. Its registration is currently active, and in good standings, for doing business within SAM.

Business Email: refreeman@earthlink.net

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