Piney Grove Homecoming and Gospel Meeting

The Homecoming and gospel meeting was a tremendous success.

The church was strengthen and edified; we wait the harvest from the Lord.

You can attend the service by clicking on the link below:

We thank the minister, his wife and the entire congregation for their love and kindness to us during this meeting.

May God bless them richly.

Evangelist Ron Freeman,



Travel and Training, Kenya, Africa

Appeal for Support: Travel to Kenya, Africa to Train 80-Pastors

This appeal is written to ask for financial assistance for the Worldwide Ministry Church of; to travel to Kenya, Africa to train 80-pastors in the word of God. This training will consist of four (4); 5-day sessions, to train 80-pastors in New Testament: Conversions and Evangelism; Sermon Preparation and Preaching; Worship and Fellowship; Church Leadership; and Pastoral Counseling and Guidance. The trip will last for one month. It is currently planned for the month of September 2018. Please open your heart for this work, in the name of Jesus!

The WWMCOC.Org, is not asking one or two congregations or persons; to carry the entire amount (although that would be a blessing); however, that many will provide a little, to make this trip possible. We will need all the funds contributed and in the bank, before the end of July 2018. I will travel from Atlanta International Airport to Kenya, Africa. The estimated Projected Cost for this trip and training is: $13,364.

This Cost Projection is provided for accountability and management of all expenditures.

Fixed Cost – Projection  —————–    $5,400.00

Travel, car rental and hotel expenses

Varying Cost – Projection —————  $2,764.00

Gas, Meals; Training Materials;

Writing Tables; Pens/Pencils, Bible(s)

Personnel Cost – Projection ————  $5,200.00

Senior Evangelist, Administrator wages;

Student travel expenses/wages

Total Cost Projection ——————— $13,364.00*

*Cost may vary due to disaster currently impacting Kenya.

Please make all checks and money orders payable to: Worldwide Ministry Church of


Worldwide Ministry Church of

C/O Ron Freeman, Evangelist

P.O. Box 1112

Anniston, AL 36202

All contributions and gifts are tax deductible. WWMCOC.Org will provide a final accounting of all expenditures; and the Lord’s fruits from this trip and these training sessions. We also solicit your prayers for this trip; and the hardships now impacting Kenya, as a result of its recent flooding.

Please communicate with us regarding your intentions at:, if you desire more explanation, regarding these training sessions or projected expenditures.

I thank you in advance for your generosity and prayers.

As always, it appreciate your feedback. Contact us at:

In His Name, and Service,

Evangelist, Ron Freeman


Piney Grove Homecoming Meeting

The Piney Grove Church of Christ will host its Homecoming Meeting, during June 3-7, 2018. Meeting hours are: (Sunday, 11:00am & 2:00pm; Week nights, 7:00pm). Ron E. Freeman, Evangelist from the Worldwide Ministry Church of, will be the guest speaker. Everyone is welcomed. Come; join us and witness, “sound gospel preaching” by this man of God. Website WWMCOC.Org:

See you at Piney Grove., Brother Dwayne Tapscott is the minister of the Piney Grove Church of Christ. Let’s all support his Homecoming Meeting.


Evangelist Ron Freeman



Does the Church Need a Revival?

WorldWide Ministry Church of


Just posted the sermon above. This lesson will bring joy to the saints.

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As always, I appreciate your feedback at:


Ron Freeman, Evangelist

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