GOP lacks: “Duty, Honor and Country.”

via GOP Has Lost Its Purpose in Washington, DC.


GOP Has Lost Its Purpose

McConnell and the entire GOP has lost its purpose in Washington, DC. A party once concern with moral issues, spending and the deficient has abandoned all these important standing, to obtain a win for President Trump.

It is in time of difficulties and trials the men and women with religious values, stand firm for what is right for the country; and not for its party.

Alabama, claiming to be the center of the Bible belt; has given up its standing in Christian values in recent days; with its support, of Judge Roy Moore.

How can one be a believer; and side with evil, ungodly practices, criminal behavior and immoral values? “No man can serve two Masters,” Matthew 6:24! We cannot serve Christ and our political party; especially when it is on the wrong side of a moral and religious issue.

The GOP lacks: “Duty, Honor and Country.” It has sold out the country on a false Tax Plan, what will not benefit the American People. Why? For a “win” for President Trump.

The Worldwide Ministry Church of Christ does not stand with Judge Roy Moore; and neither should anyone claiming to be a believer in God. It apposes the Tax Plan that supports the rich; by robbing the “middle class.” The GOP has lost its purpose in Washington, DC.

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Then Cometh The End

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