A. Goal of Seminar: To discuss church leadership as it is outlined in the New Testament. We will present only those things: that are outlined in the word of God.

B. Objectives: To establish that God’s plan and provisions for the church: is incomplete without a sound and faithful leadership. This seminar enables the church to plan and aspire unto its fullest potential; in the work of evangelism and edification. Leadership in the church is the divine will of God. This LTS will assist the church in identifying, selecting and appointing leaders; to serve and provide loving oversight, to the people of God. It also offers guidance to the local ministers or evangelists, in the appointment of these men and their families, in the church. This is a hands-on seminar. Come to share, work and participate! We will work to answers all your questions; regarding the characteristics and qualifications for the church leaders (elders and deacons). All brothers desiring to serve the church; in a leadership capacity, should attend this Seminar.

C. Seminar Agenda:


Part I Church Leadership: A Divine Office

Part II Church Leadership: A Desired Office

Part III Church Leadership: A Demanding Office

MDR Survey: Results remain private

Part IV Elder’s Qualifications

Part V Deacon’s Qualifications



D. Seminar Format:

1. Seminar Format: This seminar can be presented in two formats.

2. A one day, 8-hour seminar: on a Saturday, that includes a morning and an afternoon session.

3. A two day, 4-hour seminar: on two consecutives *Saturdays, that includes a morning only session.

An Online Seminar is also provided: that includes 4 nights (6:30 to 9:00 pm).

Internet access must be available to each participant, for online delivery.

NOTE: *Offered to local areas only (within 75 miles).


Registration is required

Cost, $125.00, Per Person

Payable to sponsoring congregation (when applicable)

Minimum class size: 8

Maximum class size: 24

A workbook will be provided to each participant

Certificate of Completion will be issued


Delivery Method: PowerPoint Presentation

Internet access (necessary)

Projector, screen and electronic pointer required

Electronic pointer required

Power cable with a GFCI, is necessary


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