Training and Emergency Management Experience

Consulting Experience

15+ years training, consulting, response and recovery experience with fortune 500 companies, government agencies and major educational and training institutions in emergency management planning and preparedness.

Current Consulting Client

Hospital Emergency Response Training Institute, Inc. Anniston, AL US Title: Emergency Management Trainer and Consultant; Period: 6/2015 to Present Supervisor: Self, 40+hours; Phone: 323-823-0856

Former Consulting Clients

Obrien’s RM, Homer, LA US Title: Training Scheduler (BP, Deep Horizon Oil Spill); Period: 6/2010 to 8/2010, Supervisor: John McHugh 40+ hours; Phone: 281-379-7153

Hospital Emergency Response Training Institute, Inc. Los Angeles, CA US Title: Sr. Consultant; Period: 1/2007 to 10/2011, Supervisor: Self 40+ hours; Phone: 323-823-0856; Period: 2/2006 to 7/2006, Supervisor: Self 40+ hours; Phone: 323-823-0856

James Lee Witt Associates, Washington, DC US Title: Disaster Training Team Leader; Period: 7/2007 To 10/2011, Supervisor: Greg Fenton 40+ hours; Phone: 404-942-7750

James Lee Witt Associates, Baton Rouge, LA US Title: Louisiana State Applicant Liaison (SAL); Period: 2/2009 To 3/2010, Supervisor: Greg Fenton 50+ hours; Phone: 404-942-7750

Professional Training Institute (PTI), Los Angeles, CA US Title: Training Consultant; 4/1990 to 2/1999, Supervisor: Dot J. Russell 40+ hours; Phone: n/a

Work Experience

15+ years’ experience in emergency response operations and training with major oil companies, emergency response organizations, aerospace corporations, environmental businesses, local, state and federal government agencies, universities, the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) and the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP).

Recent Employer

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Anniston, AL US Title: Training Specialist, GS-12 Period: 6/2013 to 6/2015 Supervisor: Kent Latimer 40+ hours; Phone: 256-847-2315

Previous Employers

US Army, Fort Greely, AK US Title: Emergency Management Officer (EMO), GS-12; Period: 10/2011 – 11/2012 Supervisor: Gene Koehler 40+ hours; Phone: 907-873-7352

EG&G, Santa Ana, CA US Title: Homeland Security Analyst; Period: 7/2006 – 12/2006, Supervisor: Jim Bailey, 40+ hours

FEMA, Emmitsburg, MD US Title: Training Specialist/Program Manager, GS-13; Period: 6/2002 to 6/2006, Supervisor: John Peabody, 40+ hours

General Physics Corporation, Edgewood, MD US Title: Emergency Preparedness Specialist; Period: 5/2000 – 6/2002, Supervisor: Scotty Hager 40+ hours