Emergency Management Assistance

15+ years’ experience in emergency response operations and training with major oil companies, emergency response organizations, aerospace corporations, environmental businesses, local, state and federal government agencies, universities, the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) and the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP).

Providing counseling, guidance and assistance to individuals, public and private businesses that have suffered loss as a result of catastrophic incidents or disasters being managed by FEMA, a state or local government; providing relief under local and state disaster assistance programs resulting from a Presidential Declared Disaster.

Providing guidance and assistance to individuals applying for individual assistance (IA) and public assistance (PA), at disaster recovery centers (DRCs) managing a natural disaster.

Assisting individuals prepare and submit their individual assistance (IA) applications.

Assisting local and state governments at DRCs in the collection, processing and management of public assistance (PA) applications during disaster response and recovery operations.

Identifying, training and managing crisis intervention teams (CIT) consisting of ministers, pastors and counselors during their activation throughout the disaster response and recovery efforts.

Equipping local community churches and civic organization to lead and assist their neighborhoods as crisis intervention teams (CIT) during natural or man-made disasters.

Acting as an independent voice within the incident command system (ICS) to bridge the gap between the people, and the local and state governments, organizations, agencies and the federal government during the response and recovery phases of a natural disaster, emergency, hazardous materials (HazMat) incident or act of terrorism.

Providing health and safety training to individuals, churches, businesses, organizations and federal agencies to prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters; HazMat incidents and acts of terrorism.

Providing necessary guidance, direction and assistance to achieve total integration of local church leadership into a communities’ public and civic organizations with local governments to respond with effectiveness within their communities during disaster recovery operations with crisis intervention teams (CIT).

Obtaining federal awards and grants, state and local assistance; and individual funding streams that will allow funding for the selection, training, directing and management of CITs.

Provide direction and guidance in other areas as required by local, state and federal agencies.