The Pattern of Conversion


I have finished building a sermon- series on the: “The Pattern of Conversion.”

I recommend that you visit and review these lessons.

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Past this post and link unto all your members. These lessons will help you and others build their “personal workers skills.”

In His Name,

Ron Freeman, Evangelist


The Art of Preaching


Posted this week the sermon: “The Art of Preaching,” on

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This lesson outlines the art of preparation, presentation, and persuasion.

The sermon should be bible-based and follow a good outline during the delivery. These are discussed in detail in this lesson.

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Evangelist Ron Freeman




Russians Meddling in Our Election?

Are the Russians at it again? Are they officially meddling in our 2020 election process? Does it appear the President has sanctioned their effort?

It’s time to write, call or text your congressional representative: to take action NOW!

Our Congressional leaders need to step up and do something about these attacks.

Voters, read the materials with suspicion. Listen to your establish radio and TV broadcasts carefully!

Get involved!

Ron Freeman, Evangelist