Easter Sermon


If you want a great sermon to encourage the church this Sunday, click on the link below.

Link: https://www.sermoncentral.com/sermons/christian-certainties-ron-freeman-evangelist-sermon-on-faith-199216?ref=SermonSerps

This lesson affirms the resurrection, reign, and return of Christ.

Here is an audio of this lesson.


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Happy Easter!

In His Name,

Ron Freeman, Evangelist


Faithful Families Today


I would like to recommend the book and website below, for instilling spirituality within the family. These are trying times for the family and the church.

John Maples is helping the family through his work and love for the Lord and all families. His book is available at many Book Stores, and online purchase. His website will be live soon. Check it out!

John is a minister and servant of the Lord, working closely with the Tonto Street and Alma School, Churches of Christ, in Arizona.

Book:  Faithful Families Today: Instilling spirituality in your family.

Website:  FaithfulFamiliesToday.com (coming soon).

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John’s contact information is: John Maples <inandahoney@gmail.com>
If you desire more information regarding his work.
In His Name and Service,
Ron Freeman, Evangelist

The Pattern of Conversion


I have finished building a sermon- series on the: “The Pattern of Conversion.”

I recommend that you visit SermonCentral.com and review these lessons.

Click on this link: https://www.sermoncentral.com/sermon-series/the-pattern-of-conversion-sermon-series-from-ron-freeman-evangelist-19868?ref=SermonSerps

As always, feel free to provide feedback at the end of this post, or at, ronald-e-freeman@wwmchurchofchrist.org

Past this post and link unto all your members. These lessons will help you and others build their “personal workers skills.”

In His Name,

Ron Freeman, Evangelist


Russians Meddling in Our Election?

Are the Russians at it again? Are they officially meddling in our 2020 election process? Does it appear the President has sanctioned their effort?

It’s time to write, call or text your congressional representative: to take action NOW!

Our Congressional leaders need to step up and do something about these attacks.

Voters, read the materials with suspicion. Listen to your establish radio and TV broadcasts carefully!

Get involved!

Ron Freeman, Evangelist



Impeachment Trial – DJT

The impeachment trial has concluded for Donald J. Trump.

As expected, the votes were along Party Line, Democrats “yes”; Republicans “no.”

As with any President, this has great implications. I’m truly sorry, DJT would not keep his military advisors; and heed their advice on many important matters.

General Kelly, predicted this would be the outcome; if DJT did not surround himself with advisor; rather than, “yes” men.

We look to the next step; to see if he remains in office.

We pray for our President; and our country.


Ron Freeman, Evangelist