Hope Laid Up For You

Brethren, I have just posted the sermon entitled above, on SermonCentral.com.

Its purpose is to establish the hope that is laid up for us in heaven, through faithful obedience to the word of the truth of the gospel; the grace of God; having been deposed from the power of darkness and seated in the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.

Click on this link: Hope Laid Up For You Sermon by Ron Freeman

During the construction of this lesson, the news broke concerning Prince Harry and Meghan of their interview with Oprah Winfrey. It was alleged that some type of remark was made to Meghan about the possible color of their unborn son’s skin.

The Buckingham Palace said that the allegations of racism made by Harry and Meghan were “concerning,” and they would be addressed privately by the royal family.

In this lesson I presented my humble suggestions to the Queen and the family how to fix this problem if in truth their investigation finds it to be so. I believe the children, I witnessed the eyes of Meghan when she mention to racial comment. I seen that hurt before. I saw it in my mothers eyes many times during my young life, and a few times as an adult.

She was banished from her family after marrying my dad. They fled to California to get us children out of danger too. Mommy cried many a day not just for her pain, but also for that of her mother. What a terrible loss for both families, grandparents not knowing their grandchildren, and grandchildren not giving them hugs and kisses. This more than anything caused mommy the most hurt.

She left this world never being united with her family. She later found the comfort of a real family in the arms of Jesus and the saints in the light. I felt that terrible loss all over again in this loving couple. How destructive is the sin of racism.

I ask your prayer for Harry and Meghan, and other families in America and around the world that are even now experiencing their own hurt and pain for the same reasons. May God strengthen all of them and provide the comfort that only He can give.

As always I invite your comments and suggestions. Leave your comments below, or send me an email to: ronald.e.freman@wwmchurchofchrist.org.

In His Name and for His Service,

Evangelist Ron Freeman


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