Learning to be Content


I have just posted on SermonCentral.com a sermon entitled: “Learning to be content.” This lesson will give encouragement to your members during this trying time dealing with this pandemic.

It will also establish guidelines and methods on how to reduce the virus’s spread throughout the country. It affords protective measure for protecting your members and families during this virus.

Click on this link: https://www.sermoncentral.com/sermons/learning-to-be-content-lesson-1-ron-freeman-evangelist-sermon-on-content-252568

Feel free to send this Post to all members of your email families. It is useful for anyone who wants to share information on how to protect themselves from this virus. It reinforces the CDC’s health and safety guidelines for this pandemic.

As always we welcome your comments. Respond at the end of this Post’s “leave a comment” or at ronald-e-freeman@wwmchurchofchrist.org


Ron Freeman, Evangelist


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