Is the President Sick?

I ask this question because the White House has not been truthful with the American People!

If he is sick, we will continue to pray for his recovery. If, on the other hand, we are being misled, the President needs to be exposed.

Is this merely an attempt to distract the people from the real issues, lack of leadership during this pandemic, his current ratings in the polls; or, his reckless behavior during the debate with VP Joe Biden?

If he genuinely has the virus, the doctors are not telling us the truth about his condition. Their current messages indicate, he has not contracted the coronavirus. His current prognosis demonstrates to the medical community, the President is not sick at all!

Who is in control of the messaging of the President’s health condition? If it is him, as in all other cases, are we being given false and inaccurate information?

Is this episode one of the New Apprentices from the White House? Is he sick or not? Is the President’s speedy recovery due to his medical cures? I am ashamed of the failure of leadership in all levels of government, and now the medical staff associated with this President!

He needs to repent and tell the truth unto the American People and the world! I urge all involved in his treatment to read this lesson: “What doth God Require?”

The White House and all involved in his treatment should be speaking the truth about the President’s condition. May God grant them the courage to disclose the truth to America.

Ron Freeman, evangelist

Worldwide Ministry Church of


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