Vote Your Conscience

This will be a monumental election, 2020, in America. Many have voted for the candidate of their choice, either from a party or racial identity. As a nation, we elected Barack Obama as president not because of race; but because of his message to American. We now stand at the cross-road of the decision between two different candidates for 2020.

The difference between them is evident as the day is tonight. Right or wrong. Friend or enemy. The president has used his time to divide the country and spread a message of hate far and wide! He has endangered the health and well-being of this nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due entirely to his lack of leadership and timely actions to limit the spread of the virus.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has worked tirelessly to uplift, reform, and change the economic and political landscape, for over 30 years in Congress. He has supported healthcare and all the other Democratic ideals that make America healthy and safe! Has he been perfect? No! And he would be the first to admit it. However, unlike his opposition (DJT), he could admit mistakes and then change his acts.

America, there is enough hate in us and the world to fill the Grand Canyon. What is needed now is a real example of Leadership and compassion for all Americans. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris possess these qualities in their lives and have demonstrated them over decades of service to the American People.

I’m asking you to vote your conscience, not for more nonsense! The Nation, nor the world can survive another 4 years of a Republican lead White House and Senate. It is time for real change. Don’t be mislead by the adds; you already know the candidates. The promises of the President for healthcare reform is also a lie. William Barr and his team are currently seeking to overturn the Obama Care in the Supreme Court!

The death of the beloved United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion of women’s rights and the court’s leading liberal voice, will indeed permit President Trump to put another advocate of overturning Roe V. Wade, healthcare, and many of the civil rights legislation, on the Supreme Court if Trump is reelected.

This is his agenda! He will cripple America for the next two decades. The good people of America cannot permit this Party to destroy the rights of the People of America. We all must stand against his constant attack on this country’s freedom, and its democracy.

America, vote your conscience; and, not for more nonsense! The winning team is Biden and Harris! Let’s make it happen.

The Worldwide Ministry Church of Christ.Org supports the Biden-Harris ticket for President and Vice-president!

Evangelist Ron Freeman,

Doing the work of an evangelist!


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