Gospel Meeting

The church of Christ of Benson, AZ: Held it gospel meeting, Jan 14-17, 2018.
Speaker was: RON FREEMAN, Evangelist. Gospel Meeting Theme: WHAT WOULD YOU GIVE IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR SOUL?

Sun 1/14 11:00 am Paul’s Announcement to Rome Romans 1:14-16 Edification (Potluck was provided following the morning worship service)
Sun 1/14 05:00 pm The Righteousness of God Romans 10:1-4 Evangelism
Mon 1/15 07:00 pm Christ’s Divine Declarations John 14:6 Edification
Tues 1/16 07:00 pm Is There Water in the Plan? Genesis 2:6-7 Evangelism
Wed 1/17 07:00 pm Will all Good People be Saved? Acts 10:1-6 Evangelism

Bio of Ron Freeman, Evangelist Ron Freeman is a senior evangelist with the WWMCOC.org; which has been doing the work of an evangelist among the churches of Christ, everywhere for 40+ years. He is known in the brotherhood for his “soundness” in the faith and his ability to preach the gospel of Christ with kindness and simplicity. Ron is called by some, “the doctor” for his insight, biblical learning and wisdom in “rightly dividing the word of truth;” and by others, a “pioneer preacher,” in his presentation of the word of God.

He is available for gospel meetings, lectureships, seminars on church leadership and workshops that inspire and encourage the people of God. He is available to assist congregations which are troubled by internal disputes, in an effort to maintain the, “unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” View and download all his lessons for your own personal growth and spiritual development, and for the strengthening of the children of God within the congregation where you are currently ministering. May God bless you real good!

WorldWide Ministry Church of Christ.org Website: https://en.gravatar.com/refreeman Ron Freeman, Evangelist For Textual Sermons: http://www.SermonCentral.com For Audio Sermons: http://www.Archive.org Disclaimer: The lessons above are subject to change, based upon the needs of the church as determined by its leadership.

The church of Christ of Benson 601 S. Foothill Drive, (at Patagonia and Foothills Drive) (PO Box 845), Benson, AZ 85712; Phone (520) 586-3004 Minister: Robbie (Nandus) Robinson – (520) 663-0773.


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